How do I display an image in App Designer and plot lines on top?

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I am working on an app using app designer. I need to create a few line objects inside an image. And I need to turn those lines on/off, change color, etc. Can you help?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team am 10 Jan. 2020
To display your image in the app, use the "imshow" function, with its "Parent" property set to the target axes:
Next, use the "plot" function to plot your lines on the same axes as the image. Use the "hold" on/off commands before and after plotting to make sure your image doesn't disappear:
If you want your lines to be interactive rather than static, you can use a Line object, which allows the user to click/drag/edit the line _after _the app is run:
I have created a short example in an MLAPP file attached below. Here is the app's StartupFcn:
%display image on axes
img = imread('cameraman.tif');
%remove title and axes labels
%plot two diagonal lines on image
imgHeight = size(img,1);
imgWidth = size(img,2);
%add interactive Line object
'Position',[10 150; 150 200]);
Finally, if you want to change your lines' visibility and color, save a handle to the lines when plotting them. You can then alter the "Visible" and "Color" properties elsewhere in your code:
If you need to access these lines outside the StartupFcn, save the handles as properties of the class and access them using the "app.line1Handle" syntax in other functions.

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