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Alternative to syms for Matlab Compiler

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Simone Pavan
Simone Pavan on 26 Mar 2020
Closed: John D'Errico on 27 Mar 2020
I'm creating an application using App Designer which involves the use of syms to solve an implicit equation.
Unfortunatelly in Standalone or Web applications created with Compiler syms can't be used. Do you know an alternative to solve the following equation without using the symbolic math toolbox? Or any other solution to bypass this problem?
syms R
g = ((1+nu)*(1-2*nu)*(1-1/(R/b0)^2))/((alpha-1)-(1-2*nu)*(1+alpha)/(R/b0)^2);
omega = -(2*(1-2*nu)*(1-nu^2))/(delta*(alpha-1))*((alpha+1/beta)-(nu/(1-nu))*(1+alpha/beta))/((alpha-1)-((1-2*nu)*(1+alpha)/(R/b0)^2))/(R/b0)^2;
S1 = 0;
for n=0:1:10
if n==gam
S = k*omega^n/factorial(n)*log(R/a);
S = (omega^n/(factorial(n)*(n-gam))*((R/a)^(k*(n-gam))-1));
eqn = (nn/gam)*((1-g/delta)^((beta+1)/beta)-(a0/R)^((beta+1)/beta)) == S1;
sol_R = vpasolve(eqn, R, [a0 Rpl_max]);
Thank you for your answers.
Simone Pavan
Simone Pavan on 27 Mar 2020
Could you do that? I don't really know where to start.

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