Simulation of range ambiguous clutter in phased array toolbox

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Hello...with matlab phased array toolbox, how can we simulate Range ambiguous clutter??

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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen am 3 Apr. 2020
phased.ConstantGammaClutter simulates clutter up to the horizon range. So it already builds the range ambuity in.
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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen am 9 Apr. 2020
but that's a different quesion. If you know your maximum unambiguous range, and assume you know the altitude of your radar, you should be able to compute that above what angle the clutter would be from the ambiguous range, You should only need geometry information to do this, you dont' have to look at the clutter signal.
ahmed hussain
ahmed hussain am 9 Apr. 2020
Yes sir ,u r right...But at the first place, I need to be able to differentiate between ambiguous and unambiguous clutter. So that after STAP algorithm,I could validate n verify the claim that range ambiguous clutter has been suppressed....

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