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How to resolve an internet connexion error when installing MatLab Standard ?

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After executing the matlab_R2020a_win64.exe, the setup.exe in the temporary file can't execute and briefly shows me the following error :
Unable to open the requested feature. Check your internet connection and proxy settings in MATLAB Web preferences and then try starting the feature again.
Error code: -6
Error message: ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND
I tried deactivating my firewall and my antivirus, but it didn't work. I am using ethernet connexion at home.
I also tried with previous version but I have the same problem.
How can I solve this issue ?


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Lyès Badaoui
Lyès Badaoui on 20 Mar 2020
Would you have a link to get the 2019 version? I can only find the 2020 one...
Lyès Badaoui
Lyès Badaoui on 20 Mar 2020
Thanks for your link! but I get an error while trying to access it, it says: "To download products and updates, link a license to your MathWorks Account.". I'm actually looking for a trial version :)

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Radek Nemec
Radek Nemec on 20 Mar 2020
I had exactly the same problem. I moved the installation exe file to C:/ and then run it... and it worked. Hope you will find a solution as well.


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Gergely Hunyady
Gergely Hunyady on 14 Apr 2020
I also had a problem but it was because of the accent in the setup.exe folder path.
Hope this is helpful.
Gergely Hunyady


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