Is it possible to access the simscape visualizer window in a MATLAB app?

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Is it possible access and display the Simscape Multibody visualizer window within a matlab app?
Thanks in advance.

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Kavya Vuriti
Kavya Vuriti am 27 Mär. 2020
It is possible to open model visualization results in Mechanics Explorer window while designing an app. You can put this part of code in the callback function of the desired component. Before displaying visualization results, it is to be made sure that model visualization is turned on. This can be achieved by including the command line to open model configuration parameters in the callback function.
For more information on enabling model visualization, refer this. Refer here to open model configuration parameters using command line. For additional information on writing callbacks, refer:
Hope this helps!!
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Fahad Halawani
Fahad Halawani am 9 Mai 2022
I am trying to achieve the same thing here. Have you managed to discover a way to do it?

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