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Plotting 3 graphs in the same figure

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Anastasia Kyriakou
Anastasia Kyriakou am 26 Feb. 2020
Kommentiert: Image Analyst am 9 Mär. 2020
Write a programme to plot the function f(x)=xsin(pi(9x+1)) over the interval [−1, 1] using increments in x of (a) 0.2, (b) 0.1, and (c) 0.01. The programme should plot the three graphs in the same figure. Include the legend to specify which graph corresponds to which increment. (Observe that the plots for cases (a) and (b) givetotally the wrong picture of ݂f(x)).
Could someone help me?
x = linspace(0.2:0.1:0.01);
y = x*sin(pi*(9*x+1));
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darova am 26 Feb. 2020
Yes. I found some mistakes
Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 9 Mär. 2020
Anastasia: Did David's solution below work for you? If so, please Accept it.

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David Hill
David Hill am 26 Feb. 2020

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