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Read data via serial port

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Pavel Filjac
Pavel Filjac on 26 Feb 2020
Answered: Charan Jadigam on 4 Mar 2020
Hello, I would like to read for example these datas: "05 04 A9" but when I try it with function read, it returns only datas until the first space. Could you advice me, how can I read whole datas also with spaces?
app.s = serialport(app.a,115200,"DataBits",8, "Timeout",1);
received = read(app.s,59,"string");


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Answers (1)

Charan Jadigam
Charan Jadigam on 4 Mar 2020
To read string from a serial port, you need to configure termination character first and then read. Use the following functions.
data = readline(s);
You can read more about the function configureTerminator


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