Simulating Freespace power in Matlab

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Nathan Jaqua
Nathan Jaqua am 18 Feb. 2020
Beantwortet: Honglei Chen am 19 Feb. 2020
Can someone help me figure out how to write this MATLAB code? I'm looking for some example code to get started. The scope of what I want to do is below.
Simulate free space power available at several mobile frequencies in Matlab. Consider frequency range from 800MHz to 3 GHz. You can evaluate the loss occurred for three different distances: short distance 100m, midium distance 1Km, and large distance 10 Km. Plot all the loss Vs distance graph in single maltlab plot. Use appropriate axis, grid, legends, and color to represent it on plot.
There are other radio attenuating factors such as rain, fog, high humidity level etc. These factors play important role at higher operating frequnecies. Typically, rain attenuation is extreme at Radar or Satellite communication greater than 5 GHz. A Light rain cause only about 0.01dB attenuation loss while 0.4dB atttenuation loss due to high rain at 10 GHz carrier frequency.

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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen am 19 Feb. 2020
You can start with these reference pages
Go to Functions -> Signal Propagation and Loss

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