Collector for array formed of replicated subararrays

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Katia am 18 Feb. 2020
I'm trying to use the Collector object with an array formed of replicated subarrays, but I keep receiving messages of 'not enough inputs'; that is:
collector = phased.Collector('Sensor',array,'OperatingFrequency',fc);
rxData = collector(sig,targetAngle);
'Not enough input arguments. Expected 3, got 2.'
Could someone please help me with that? What other inputs are necessary?
Another question regarding either the Collector or Radiator objects, do they take into account the antenna gain at the designated angle of the specified sensor when simulating the transmitting/received signal?
Thanks in advance.
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Smitha Jinnahalli Venugopal
Smitha Jinnahalli Venugopal am 29 Nov. 2021
Hi I'm facing the same problem Can you kindly show your radiator part for subarray . It would be of great help for my thesis Thanks in advance.

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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen am 18 Feb. 2020
They do consider the gain at different angles.
As to the input, you may want to check with your setting in array. Did you turn on steering in the replicated subarray? if so, you need to pass in the steering information to the function call.
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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen am 19 Feb. 2020
Since you turned on the steering, you also need to specify where you want to steer the elements to, you may want to try
rx = collector(sig,targetAngle,ws,targetAngle)
Katia am 20 Feb. 2020
Thanks a lot, that works!

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