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How to make the graphs more smooth in matlab

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Debashis Panda
Debashis Panda am 18 Feb. 2020
Kommentiert: Adam am 18 Feb. 2020
I have plotted some figures in MATLAB 2017a. However, i am observing the quality and resolution of the graphs is too low. The lines are like step functions in the figure (as indicated by red region in attach graph). Anybody please help how to improve its quality.
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Adam am 18 Feb. 2020
I can't see anything in that image. If the lines are like step functions though then it is because your data is like step functions. You can interpolate data to have more points, but plotting instructions will just plot the points there are.

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SChow am 18 Feb. 2020
Hi, you may use the print function to save your figure at a desired high resolution
print(gcf,'fname.png','-dpng','-r800');%%%for saving at 800dpi


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