the meaning of basic matlab words

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Osama Alkurdi
Osama Alkurdi on 13 Feb 2020
Commented: Osama Alkurdi on 13 Feb 2020
what is the meaning of 'object' in matlab?
can anyone explain this word in a simple way using an analogy?
Osama Alkurdi
Osama Alkurdi on 13 Feb 2020
do you have a link explains all these basics, like a matlab documentation or a youtube channel

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Answers (1)

Jon on 13 Feb 2020
Edited: Jon on 13 Feb 2020
Are you familiar at all with "Object Oriented Programming" this is a general approach to software development used in many computer languages including MATLAB, Java, Python. Objects are the basic units of "Object Oriented Programming"
Simply put an object groups together some methods (functions) and parameter values (properties) that are used in performing the methods.
If you are not familiar with "Object Oriented Programming" at all, I would suggest researching this topic and doing some further background reading





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