copy data from array to table

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Marc Elmeua
Marc Elmeua am 9 Feb. 2020
Kommentiert: Marc Elmeua am 9 Feb. 2020
Dear all,
I have an array with n number of columns and 100 rows. I would like to copy them into a table with the same dimension that has the names of the variables already written.
any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

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BN am 9 Feb. 2020
Bearbeitet: BN am 9 Feb. 2020
Hello, If A is your array and you want to have a table based on it, you can simply usearray2table.
Table = array2table(A);
If you want to change the variable names, so you can do this nicely, otherwise variable names stay what they are at the A
Table = array2table(A,'VariableNames',{'firstvariable','secondvariable','etc...'})
Here is an example for you:
A = rand(10,5); % here is random array with 10 rows and 5 columns
Table = array2table(A,'VariableNames',{'varname_1','varname_2','varname_3','varname_4','varname_5'}); %convert it to table and change the variable names
Best Regards
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Marc Elmeua
Marc Elmeua am 9 Feb. 2020
Thanks Behzad, that's exactly what I needed.
I do have an array and a table, but once I transform the array to table I have two tables. So that's perfect! thanks!

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