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Rename a variable within global (function in function)

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new2matlab am 3 Feb. 2020
Beantwortet: Spencer Chen am 3 Feb. 2020
I am creating a new function that includes a previously created function in the hopes of editing the inputs. However, I am wanting to edit two variables that are stored within the Global set. Is there a way to do this and pass by the global to set a new input value for all the functions that are called within?

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Spencer Chen
Spencer Chen am 3 Feb. 2020
Simply assign it to another variable.
global evil_global_var;
saved_evil_global_val = evil_global_var;
evil_global_var = new_val;
... % do your stuff here
evil_global_var = saved_evil_global_val; % retore your global value here
Now, most globals are unncessary and can be replaced be well-defined functions with input arguments.

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