How I get RMC in real LTE signal?

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sarang Kim
sarang Kim on 30 Jan 2020
Commented: Lee Bumhee on 22 Mar 2020
I have zc706 and FMCOMMS5, and I succeed receive LTE signal with 1 Antenna by reference to the example : LTE Transmitter Using Analog Devices AD9361/AD9364
I want to receive LTE signal with 2 Antennas.(2t2r)
So, I looked the code : Transmit and Receive LTE MIMO Using Analog Devices AD9361/AD9364
And I modified it for MIMO decoding.
But, it was error. I examine the code, and I found that it doesn't have 'RMC' field.
The example set 'RMC' with RC number : R.0 or R.7 ... in transmitter.
I want to get my RC number for get 'RMC' field in real LTE signal.
thanks a lot.
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Lee Bumhee
Lee Bumhee on 22 Mar 2020
한국분이시네요. 반가워요.

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Gavin Grant
Gavin Grant on 3 Feb 2020
Hi Sarang,
The RC denotes the reference channel number from the list of PDSCH reference measurement channel (RMC) waveforms. These channel specifications are for the purposes of generating a waveform for transmission, for example using the lteRMCDLTool function.
From the information you have provided it sounds like you wish to search for and decode real LTE signals, in order to display their channel properties. This is explained in Cell Search, MIB and SIB1 Recovery, and demonstrated using Zynq SDR in the following examples:
Note however that these examples only utilize a single RF channel. Extending the example to multiple channels for MIMO is left to the user. It is something for which you may wish to reach out to MathWorks Consulting Services.
Kind regards,

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