Access .txt and .csv, edit data, error statistics

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Hi guys!
I would appreciate your help on the following:
I have several files (attached you can find two of them) that contain measured (.txt) and simulated (.csv) hourly values for some meteorological variables. I am only interested in temperature and relative humidity. The simulated period run from 01-Jul-2019 to 30-Sep-2019, while for the observations, I have a couple of months more.
What I need to do is open both files for every station (here I attached only "Airport"), access the dates that both files contain data and produce graphs and error metrics.
Any ideas please?

Accepted Answer

Allen on 26 Jan 2020
A basic method for importing only the Temp and RH data into tables
filename = 'Airport.csv';
opts = detectImportOptions(filename);
opts.SelectedVariableNames = opts.SelectedVariableNames(16:17); % Columns 16 and 17 from .csv are temp and RH
data1 = readtable(filename,opts);
filename = 'Hourly Data Airport 2019.txt';
opts = detectImportOptions(filename);
opts.SelectedVariableNames = opts.SelectedVariableNames(2:3); % Columns 2 and 3 from .csv are temp and RH
data2 = readtable(filename,opts);
Allen on 27 Jan 2020
You could assign data dynamically to a structure where the *.csv filename is used as the fieldname. This way you use a loop to handle multiple stations.
files = {'Airport.csv','Hourly Data Airport 2019.txt'
'Martiou.csv','Hourly Data Martiou 2019.txt'}; % You may need to add filepaths
for i=1:size(file,1)
[~,fn,~] = fileparts(files{i,1}); % Splits the filename into path, file, extension
fldnm = matlab.lang.makeValidName(fn); % This converts the filename into a valid string to use as a fieldname
CSV.(fldnm).opts = detectImportOptions(file{i,1});
CSV.(fldnm).opts.SelectedVariableNames = CSV.(fldnm).opts.SelectedVariableNames(16:17);
CSV.(fldnm).data = readtable(file{i,1},CSV.(fldnm).opts);
TXT.(fldnm).opts = detectImportOptions(file{i,2});
TXT.(fldnm).opts.SelectedVariableNames = TXT.(fldnm).opts.SelectedVariableNames(2:3);
TXT.(fldnm).data = readtable(file{i,2},TXT.(fldnm).opts);

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