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Area plot does not recognize colormap

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Wolfram am 23 Jan. 2020
Kommentiert: darova am 23 Jan. 2020
When I changed to R2019a, area plots do not recognize the current colormap anymore. The only workaround I found was to replace 'area' by 'fill'. I include the code and the figures displayed. With my older Matlab version, both figures looked like 'Figure 2.png'.

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Adam am 23 Jan. 2020
What was your 'older Matlab version'?
If you keep the handle from an area plot you get an object (or objects, if you feed it a matrix) which you can then change the 'FaceColor' property of. This changed in 2017b.
You can see in the release notes at:
if you scroll down to the R2017b section.


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