how to save displayed fig

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Haleema Ahsan
Haleema Ahsan on 21 Jan 2020
Commented: Jakob B. Nielsen on 21 Jan 2020
i am working on following code
Fs = 128;
fb = cwtfilterbank('SignalLength',1000,...
sig = data(1,1:1000);
[cfs,frq] = wt(fb,sig);
t = (0:999)/Fs;figure;pcolor(t,frq,abs(cfs))
set(gca,'yscale','log');shading interp;axis tight;
title('Scalogram');xlabel('Time (s)');ylabel('Frequency (Hz)')
now i want to save the figure which displays resulting in this code
can please anyone help me how to save it

Answers (1)

neeraj on 21 Jan 2020

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