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Simulink Requirements: sorting the requirement based on the slreq editor

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Hello all,
I am used to open a requirement set as explained in the documentation:
req = find(ReqSet);
But, even if I change the sorting of requirements using the slreq editor (by the 'Move up/down' commands), when I run the code above once again, any "new" sorting is not implemented: req has always the same ordering of when I created the requirement.
How to make any new sorting of the requirement made by the editor effective also using 'find' ?

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Yasumitsu Ito
Yasumitsu Ito am 9 Jan. 2020
Hello Marco,
ch = ReqSet.children;
should return ordered list of child requirements of the ReqSet.
Please note that sorting on the requirements editor by clicking a column header (not by the Move up/down) will not be effective as it doesn't change phycial order of requirements.
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Marco Massaro
Marco Massaro am 9 Jan. 2020
Bearbeitet: Marco Massaro am 9 Jan. 2020
Yes, but what I meant is that if I want to modify the order manually by Move up/down (e.g. I specified a section number in the Summary field), the sorting is lost after using 'find'.

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