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HSch am 8 Jan. 2020
Beantwortet: Sylvain Lacaze am 8 Jan. 2020
I have a 3x3 matrix function F(x,y) which depends on a columnvector and multiple constants, i.e., F is a complex combination of the vector and constants (norm, inner products, outer products and more). The vector itself consists of at least two varibles over which i want to integrate.
I defined the constants within the function F and it works fine with integral(F,x,lims,'ArrayValued',true) when I fix one of the variables, but I have issues getting the integral2 to work due to the lack of the ArrayValued option. Is there any workaround like the one below? E.g. with nested integral functions or other options?
function F=calcF(x,y)
F=integral(@calcFy,y_min,y_max,'ArrayValued',true) %don't know how to forward each x value in this case

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Sylvain Lacaze
Sylvain Lacaze am 8 Jan. 2020
Hi HSch,
Please refer to this answer, for an explanation, and alternatives:


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