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plot 3-D distribution from a 3-D matrix

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RX on 6 Jan 2020
Edited: RX on 6 Jan 2020
I have a matrix 280x300x400 (x,y,z), representing the distribution of a certain quantity in the space.
Could you please suggest how to plot this quantity 3-D or either extract the planes xz (or yz) at a certain value of y (or x), for example?
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Rik on 6 Jan 2020
There are many 3D viewers on the FEX. Have you tried any of them? Most will be for dicom (medical) data, but it shouldn't be too hard to adapt them to your needs.
RX on 6 Jan 2020
Thank you; I'm gonna take a look

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Matt J
Matt J on 6 Jan 2020
As of R2017a, Matlab provides a 3D volume viewer app,

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RX on 6 Jan 2020
Thanks, looks great, unfortunately I have previous version.

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