How to avoid Matlab stop crashing on startup on Mac OS when using full-screen and split-screen functions?

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Ran on 6 Jan 2020
Commented: Edson Silva on 25 Apr 2021
I'm using Matlab 2019b on macOS Mojave 10.14.6.
Half of the times I'm using the fullscreen / split-screen utilities of macOS, it causes weird problems in Matlab the next time I open Matlab, mainly 2 things:
  • If I close Matlab app after I used split/full screen, then the next-time I open Matlab, it might get stuck on startup (usually while loading the command-line window). When this happens, I have to force-quit Matlab, and it will happen again and again each time I re-open Matlab. The only way to solve this, that consistently worked for me, is to delete a xml file related to the startup layout of Matlab (explained down below).
  • Sometimes the windows of the help-browser and the figures disappear, and they don't appear again, no matter what. (typing 'figure' in the command-line, or trying to open a new help-browser, do not open any new window). Sometimes if I reopen Matlab it is fixed, and sometimes not, and then I have to delete the same xml file that I mentioned before.
As I said, the solution that worked for me, is to delete an xml file, related to the startup layout of Matlab. Instructions:
1) Open finder
2) Go -> Go to Folder (~/Library/Application Support/MathWorks/MATLAB/R2019b)
3) Delete 'MATLABDesktop.xml'
4) Reopen Matlab
I have no windows-arrangement app installed such as 'Magnet' or 'Rectangle'.
Searching the forum, I saw this problem happens to many people.
This solution is quite annoying, since it resets many layout settings that I have to reconfigure each time. Will it be fixed?

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