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How to remove points from a plot during pause

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Raghunandan Pratoori
Raghunandan Pratoori on 30 Dec 2019
Answered: dpb on 30 Dec 2019
I want to remove point from a plot and update the variable(doing that using brush tool and linking the data) and use the updated variable to go through additional processing. I tried that usign pause, and waitforbuttonpress, but when matlab is paused, I am not able to remove the data points. Say something like this,
Data=[1:1:100; 2:2:200];
%delete few points using brush and update Data


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dpb on 30 Dec 2019
Indeed, pause halts virtually everything...I'm not a GUI guy but two possibilities I can think of; there may be better for those who do know the innards:
  1. ginput lets you select points and return coordinates. Using those let you find the points and do something with them, or
  2. figure window callbacks still function during pause. A callback function tied to the window should let you do what you want.


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