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how to augment image data only for a specific class?

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Casio Uploader
Casio Uploader am 22 Dez. 2019
Beantwortet: Mahmoud Afifi am 7 Jan. 2020
I have a dataset of three class labeled as '0','1' and '3' stored in folder 'dataset'. The number of sample for the class '0' very less compare to other two class. If I use 'imageDataAugmenter' to augment data, It augments for all classes that doesn't solve my imblance problem.
Can anyone help me to advice any way that I can augment data for only class '0'.
Note: The three class data is in three differnt sub-folder within the main folder 'dataset'.

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Greg Heath
Greg Heath am 1 Jan. 2020
Separate class 0 and interpolate. If you have a good feel for the data you could extrapolate. However the latter might be tricky.
Hope this helps.

Mahmoud Afifi
Mahmoud Afifi am 7 Jan. 2020
You can use a custom function to augment the data of this class before training. You can try this one if the problem is related to natural images:


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