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How to read data from your thingspeak on Matlab Analysis

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Mthunzi Booi
Mthunzi Booi on 18 Dec 2019
Answered: Hans Scharler on 18 Dec 2019
Hi Team
I am following the link to send email using ThingHTTP and Matlab Analysis, On Matlab Analysis do i change the channelID, URL and field name? Reason for this i see its a default example. How does now IFTT merge it with my thingspeak channel? In order to receive email notification about my channel from thingspeak.


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Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler on 18 Dec 2019
I would start with thingSpeakRead function in MATLAB.
data = thingSpeakRead(12397,'Fields',[1,4],'NumPoints',3,'OutputFormat','TimeTable')
If you have a private ThingSpeak channel, you will also need to supply your Read API Key.


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