n Transit compartment in 2-compartment PK model in Simbiology

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In looking at the solution provided for the transit compartments simbiology file, I attempted to edit to make it a 2-cpt model with transit compartments.
Would you be able to help me modify this code located in a simbiology file at the bottom of this post to be a 2-compartment model with a transit compartment.
I would like to do a model fit and then simulate the transit (three transit compartments) with a 2-compartment pk model with first order absorption.
I would want to fit the following paramters: Vc, Vp, CL, Q, Mtt, N (for # of transit compartments). The model here is for a 1 compartment model:
Thanks for any help with this.

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Jeremy Huard
Jeremy Huard on 14 Jan 2020
Hi Andy,
I have attached a SimBiology implementation of a two compartment model with transit compartments.
I hope this helps.
Best regards,
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Andy on 15 Jan 2020
Good morning Jérémy,
That is fantastic and this works well. One thing is that when I attempt to do multiple doses, the output graph still shows a single dose. I was looking to check the steady-state pharmacokinetic parameters.
This model does work well and I am able to have a better view on how to customize this in Simbiology.
Best regards,

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