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how to calculate the distance of a lat lon to the coastline?

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surya on 14 Dec 2019
Answered: David Hill on 11 Jan 2020
hello, I want to find the distance from the lat lat station to the coastline. following my script, but there was an error that I did not understand, I thank anyone who provided advice and helped me.
lonlat = load ('lonlat.mat');%get lonlat allstasiun
coast = load('coast.dat');
% % Preallocate
coast_indexes = size(lonlat);
distancefromcoast = size(lonlat);
% % Find distance and corresponding coastal point
for i=1:1:numel(lonlat)
[dist, az] = distance(lonlat(i), lonlat(i),, coast.long);
[distancefromcoast(i),coast_indexes(i)] = min(dist);

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David Hill
David Hill on 11 Jan 2020
Technically, you should use spherical trigonometry (great circle path) to determine the shortest distance. The algorithm is not difficult. You could solve my Cody problem:


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