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Extract specific row from an image and average with a variable number of adjacent rows

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I have an image that I perfrom a "linescan" at a specific row at 'xcol'
I want to create a "thick" linescan so include the adjacent rows and then average. Below I have done it for a total of 5 rows (including the centre one).
Can this be simplified to any (odd) number of rows to include?


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Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro
Certainly it can be done much easier. Instead of this
try this
yth_rows =(img(xcol-2:xcol+2,:); % this will select from 2 rows before to 2 after, so it is a matrix not a row
yth_row = mean(yth_rows); % obtain the average.
This has the advantage that you could even do it for n and the mean will work no matter how many lines you average, you could even do it in a single line, I did it in two to illustrate above, but this works as well
n = 2; % number of lines above and below to consider
yth_rows =mean(img(xcol-n:xcol+n,:)); % select from n rows above and below average.
Hope that answers the question.

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