How do I set limits using the geobubble function?

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I would like to use the geo bubble function but only plot bubbles within a certain range, in other words I would like to see my own limits in the legend (different from min and max of my data set).
Here is my code:
geobubble(Lat, Long, Cell counts);
title('Cell concentration (Cells/mL) in Maunalua Bay') %add
I would like to set the limits to the following, but can't figure out how to apply it to my plot. It always plots using the Cell count min and max as default in the legend.
size_limits = ([200000 800000])
Does anyone know if its possible to set the limits in the geobubble fuction, or do I need to manipulate my data set?
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darova on 3 Dec 2019
The script doesn't work. It says:
Undefined function or variable 'Lat'.

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John R
John R on 23 Jul 2020


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