How to setup a JTAG communication between FPGA board and Matlab?

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Daniel Kunz
Daniel Kunz am 22 Nov. 2019
Kommentiert: Charanraj Mohan am 13 Nov. 2023
What I am trying is to setup the data capturing interface from the FPGA-board to Matlab. Here I am using the FPGA in the loop wizard to configure and connect an FPGA board via JTAG interface (see below). The FPGA board is fully powered and the FPGA can be connected via JTAG and Quartus without problem. This means the FPGA is fully powered and the clock enabled. The JTAG is connected via USB Blaster II.
With “Validate” I tried to connect via JTAG the FPGA-board but fails with following error:
  • Is this the correct way to simply check the interface (JTAG) to the FPGA?
  • Where do I set the JTAG pin numbers in the Matlab GUI?
  • Is there any other issue with the setup?
thanks in advance

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Kavya Vuriti
Kavya Vuriti am 25 Nov. 2019
Refer this for hardware and software requirements for JTAG communication between FPGA board and MATLAB or Simulink. You can try checking if all the software corresponding to USB Blaster II are installed on your system based on the operating system.
Also, you can enter FPGA pin numbers in interfaces and FIL I/O panes on the left side while creating your custom board.




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