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Error in Opening the Simulink Model from Example given in Documentation

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SUnable to Open the example project by executing "parrotMinidroneWaypointFollowerStart" command at the MATLAB command prompt
Error: Undefined variable

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Jalaj Gambhir
Jalaj Gambhir am 12 Nov. 2019
As correctly pointed out, you are missing the parrot hardware support package. You can install the same from here.
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venkatakrishnaa balasubramanian
But I can see the Hardware support package is installed in the Manage-Ad Ons and other examples such as:
  1. Spin the Motors of a Parrot Minidrone without Flying the Drone
  2. Controlling motor speed of a parrot minidrone
  3. Fly a parrot minidrone and detect an object
are working except the example "Follow set of way points using parrot minidrone" which should've been launched when "parrotMinidroneWaypointFollowerStart" is typed in the Matlab command prompt.
I'm attaching the screenshots of the same below...

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