Taking Mean Of Specific Rows and Columns Within A Loop

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Hello, I have a data matrix of 288000 x 5 and I would like to compute the mean of column 2 in increments of 1200.
Therefore, I want to take the mean from 1:1200 and put it in slot 1 of a new vector. Then take 1201:2400 and put it in slot 2 of the new vector.
I have attempted it and was successful doing it outside of a loop but now that I attempt a loop I am having trouble.
y = 1;
for x = 1 : 1200: x < 288000
Mean(y) = mean(Data([x:(x+1199)],2);
y = y + 1;
It works for the first data point when I format it outside a loop like:
Mean(1) = mean(Data([1:1200]),2);
Mean(2) = mean(Data([1201:2400]),2);
and so on...
Thank you!

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Richard Brown
Richard Brown on 6 Nov 2019
You don't need a loop. Basic idea:
  • extract column 2.
  • Reshape it into a matrix with columns 1200 tall
  • take the mean of each column
The following code will work (so long as you have a number of rows that is a multiple of 1200)
means = mean(reshape(Data(:, 2), 1200, size(Data, 1)/1200))
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Daniel Koziel
Daniel Koziel on 6 Nov 2019
Thank you my friend! I also found it to work inside a loop using:
y = 1;
for x = 1: 1200 : 287999
Min(1,y) = min(Data((x:x+1199),2)); %Calculating Min
Max(1,y) = max(Data((x:x+1199),2)); %Calculating Max
Mean(1,y) = mean(Data((x:x+1199),2)); %Calculating Mean
Var(1,y) = var(Data((x:x+1199),2)); %Calculating Var
y = y + 1;

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