Mistake in programm ?

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Vladimir Pokramovich
Vladimir Pokramovich on 4 Nov 2019
Commented: Steven Lord on 5 Nov 2019
Hello, my name is Vladimir and I'm trying to download your program! After I download and start the installation there comes some kind of mistake!
My computer is not new, tried to download previous versions in the end nothing happened what to do?
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Star Strider
Star Strider on 4 Nov 2019
Click on the Contact Us telephone handset icon in the upper right corner of this page to request installation help from MathWorks.

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Nadir Altinbas
Nadir Altinbas on 4 Nov 2019
do not forget your customer ID pls

Vladimir Pokramovich
Vladimir Pokramovich on 5 Nov 2019
My computer apparently only supports 32 bit!
Where me search this instal?
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 5 Nov 2019
The last release of MATLAB for 32-bit Windows was release R2015b. [If you're using Linux, the last 32-bit release of MATLAB for Linux was release R2012a.] To download an older release of MATLAB see the instructions on this Answers post. As the MathWorks Support Team answer states, if you are unable to see the download information please contact MathWorks support.

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