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i keep getting an error in my code about my array. pls help . code and error below thank you

Asked by alexis cordova on 31 Oct 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Walter Roberson
on 31 Oct 2019


We have no information about the size of x, xold,vold, aold, xtip1, xorig1, xtip2, xorig2, U, T, Us, Up, E, or R1 .
Xold, vold, aold, xtip1,2, xorig1,2 are all 2by1 . R1 is a 2x2. Rest are scalar just a number

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1 Answer

Answer by CAM
on 31 Oct 2019

When you are concatenating horizontally, the number of rows must be consistent. According to your comment, all variables are 1x1, but R1 is 2x2. Thus R1 is causing the error. Either change R1 to a single row, or put the variables into a cell array, which will allow for the different variable sizes.
Why are you taking the tranpose of scalers (xold', vold', ...) ?


how do i change R1 to a single row ? the one im taking transpose of are 2x1, not scalers
so my 2x1 are xold, vold, aold, xtip 1 , xtip 2 , xorig1, xorig 2, are 2 x1,
R1 is a 2x2
and the rest are scalars

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