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How to get the fitted data by using Matlab's "Fit" Function?

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Zheng am 21 Sep. 2012
For example, by using below code
load franke;
fitresult = fit( [x, y], z, 'poly33' );
From fitresult, I can get the formula used to fit x,y and z data
But how can I get the fitted data matrix via this "fit" function?

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Wayne King
Wayne King am 22 Sep. 2012
It gives you a 1-D vector, but that 1-D vector is a polynomial in two variables, hence it is a function of the form f(x,y)=z
shows you exactly what the terms in x and y the coefficients multiply

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Wayne King
Wayne King am 22 Sep. 2012
Hi, you can use the coeffvalues() method on the fitresult object.
coeffs = coeffvalues(fitresult);
That will give you the coefficients of your polynomial in x and y.
To see how those coefficients enter into the polynomial equation:
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Zheng am 22 Sep. 2012
Thanks, Wayne. But how can I use this formula to calculate the surface (shown as below)? This formula can only help me get a 1-D vector, not 2-D matrix.
grace am 22 Feb. 2013
May I know what is the code for goodness of fit? coeffs = coeffvalues(fitresult); Similarly, rsquare = code(fitresult); I wanted to get the rsquare values from cftool to display in command window.

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