Is this differential equation involving an integral solvable by Matlab?

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Saruultugs Batzorig
Saruultugs Batzorig on 26 Oct 2019
Is the following equation solvable by Matlab:
initial conditions are F = 0, y = 0, dy/dt = 0. Otherwise, do I have to solve step by step? As in, I take F=0 for t=1 and then find the corresponding values for y and dy/dt and then take those y and dy/dt values to find F at time t=2 and then use F to find y etc.?. This is to solve the self-excited forces F of a structure due to wind at different times t so F is a variable. I would really appreciate any input as this is really important and I'm getting desperate. Thank you!
Saruultugs Batzorig
Saruultugs Batzorig on 26 Oct 2019
Apparently it can be solved using a finite difference method. It's from a paper.

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Nadir Altinbas
Nadir Altinbas on 26 Oct 2019
part part solve derivates and integration separately then combine into differintial




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