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Writing my own function to find one-norm

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Emily Gallagher
Emily Gallagher am 15 Okt. 2019
Beantwortet: Jalaj Gambhir am 18 Okt. 2019
I am trying to write a function called normone that accepts a rectangular matric as a parameter and calculates the one-norm. I know this can be done by norm(A,1) but I am trying to write my own function. Below is my code but it is not giving me the correct answer.
function f = normone
seed = 7;
A = rand(n,n);
f = norm(A, 1);

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Jalaj Gambhir
Jalaj Gambhir am 18 Okt. 2019
If you want the function to accept the matrix as a parameter, you need:
function f = normone(A)
f = norm(A,1);
You can call this function by:
>> A = rand(3)
A =
0.4149 0.7094 0.9555
0.0014 0.5243 0.6829
0.0923 0.6962 0.0531
>> normone(A)
ans =
Other alternative to write a function similar to what you mentioned in the question is:
function f = normone(n)
seed = 7;
A = rand(n,n);
f = norm(A,1);
which can be called using:
>> normone(4)
ans =


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