How to hide and show a panel with the window size changing in APP DESIGNER

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Hi i'm just new to the APP DESIGNER, for some reason i need to write an App with 2 modes, one is for beginner or lets say, normal people where the most parameter are just set to the default value and only shows like 1 or 2 feld for user to input things. the other one however is for expert users, where all the felds are shown and able to be edit.
to simplify my question, theres many software that have simply a button called "more" or "advanced", when pressed, it resizes the UI and shows more felds for configuration. How can i achive that using APP Designer?
use a very simple sine wave drawer as example, i wanted the user to be able to click "more" button to show the "advanced settings" and click it again to hide it, also the window should resized to not leave the blank area when hiding the panel and if showing the panel, the ui must also resize to the proper size for the place for the panelUnbenannt3.png

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Hope Q
Hope Q am 28 Okt. 2019
I think you'll need to change the Position property of all the basic controls so that the "upper" panel shifts down, the entire figure gets shorter, and the advanced settings have 'Visible' set to off. You could set a constant property for the vertical shift so that you subtract the same y displacement from all the basic controls and add that value back when the advanced ones appear.
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Hope Q
Hope Q am 6 Nov. 2019
Thanks for sharing that benefit of the grid layout.
Fangliang Bai
Fangliang Bai am 18 Feb. 2020
Bearbeitet: Fangliang Bai am 22 Feb. 2020
Thumb up for Lewei's updated solution!
Is it possible to share your code of doing this function?

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