How to plot points on a line

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jacob Mitch
jacob Mitch on 10 Oct 2019
Commented: jacob Mitch on 12 Oct 2019
Say I have a random sequence of such as new=randn(5,1) which produces y values of
ans =
How would I plot these points as a line on a graph ie x=0, y=-0.9118 x=1 y=0.0494 etc or a line connecting the y values. I have tried
I would then like to add points to the graph as blue dots ie onto the graph of new=randn(5,1) add blue dots at the points from code such as
0.3082 or
datapoints=-0.9118 0.3082
I hope this make sense and thanks for the help.

Accepted Answer

Fabio Freschi
Fabio Freschi on 10 Oct 2019
I suggest you to check hold on, and the LineSpec of the command plot
% your data
new = rand(5,1);
% open figure and retain current plot
figure, hold on
% new data points
datapoints = [-0.9118 0.3082]
% plot with blue circles
jacob Mitch
jacob Mitch on 12 Oct 2019
This may be late but you're a genius. Thank you!

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