Cannot resolve a function called from a subsystem in Stateflow

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I have two Simulink function blocks within a Stateflow chart. We'll call one A and one B. Simulink function B contains a variant subsystem inside of which I have another Stateflow chart. Inside this Stateflow chart, I have a call to the Simulink function A. When I try to run this model, it cannot resolve the call to function A. I don't understand why though since the function block A is within the parent system, so should it not be able to resolve it?
I've made a diagram illustrating what I mean.

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Kavya Vuriti
Kavya Vuriti on 21 Feb 2020
To use functions defined in one chart within another chart, chart-level functions must be exported. But it is possible to export only graphical functions, MATLAB functions or truth tables. I think you can try defining the function either as graphical or MATLAB function instead of simulink function.
Refer the following link to find more information on exporting stateflow functions:


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