simscape fluids or ansys? for 2 phase heat transfer

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I want to analyze heat transfer of a fixed volume chamber with special geometry and 2 phase fluid inside, I'm not sure if simscape fluids would help or if I should use something like ansys?

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Kavya Vuriti
Kavya Vuriti on 21 Feb 2020
This really depends on the geometry and governing equations of the system.
For more information on simscape two-phase fluid models, you can refer the following link:

Sarah McElman
Sarah McElman on 18 Nov 2020
Hi Eric,
You're correct in assessing that Simscape Fluids is not CFD. Depending on the nature of the heat transfer you're looking to model, it's possible that your application can be modeled with the 1D equations of Simscape Fluids. The equations used in each Fluids block are outlined in the documentation:
You may want to consider if the tank in the two-phase fluid library, Receiver Accumulator (2P), is suitable for your needs.
For a more advanced route, you can also design your own blocks and models with Simscape Language. You can find more information about creating custom components here:


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