Installation fails - Error: Unable to connect to host

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Dear Mathworks support team,
whenever I try to install Mathlab R2019b the installation fails when using "Log in with a MathWorks account".
The error given says "Error: Unable to connect to host.sun.securityValidatorException: PKIX path building failed..."
Is there any way how to solve this issue?
Best regards,
Martin Nørgaard
Martin Nørgaard on 4 Mar 2020
I tried Paul De Meulenaeres exact actions on a Windows Server 2019 and it worked.
  1. Tried installing R2019b, ("PKIX path building failed ...")
  2. Deleted temp folder created by the installer.
  3. Installed Java 8 U 241
  4. Rebooted
  5. Ran R2019b installer again
  6. No issues, where the error showed before.

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Answers (2)

rai7aeLa on 2 Oct 2019
Solved it. Install Java manually from The JRE included in the Matlab Installer seems to be broken.
Marty556 on 24 Nov 2019
Thank you, rai7aeLa, your solution (also) worked for me. I first deleted the _temp folder already created by the Matlab installer, then installed Java jre1.8.0_231 and rebooted the machine. Afterwards, the Matlab installation succeeded.
In contrast, the often suggested standard fix of deactivating Antivirus protection and/or changing Firewall settings had done nothing at all.

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Keegan Freeman
Keegan Freeman on 13 Jan 2020
I updated my java JRE via and it correctly installed afterwards

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