Bluetooth text transfer between mobile device and laptop

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I’m looking to use Matlab’s Bluetooth function to create an app that can transfer ASCII text data between a phone/tablet to a computer. Do you know if this possible?

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Kavya Vuriti
Kavya Vuriti on 18 Feb 2020
To use bluetooth as communication interface, you should have Instrument Control Toolbox installed.
There are 2 ways to create app:
  1. Type the following command in the command window.
>> appdesigner
This opens a canvas to design your app interface. You can add components like push buttons and write callbacks to create bluetooth object, to connect to the device, to send and receive messages and to disconnect device. You can also drag in edit field component to enter the text you want to send and display the text received.
Refer to the following link for programming apps in App Designer:
For more information on communication using bluetooth, refer:
2. You can try writing a MATLAB function to establish connection using bluetooth and further communication and then create standalone application from MATLAB.

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