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Normalize by using zero mean and unit variance

Asked by Emerson Nithiyaraj on 17 Sep 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Adam
on 17 Sep 2019
I am working with Medical CT image and i came across a pre-processing step in an article ,"contrast enhancement of images by using histogram equalization and normalized by using zero mean and unit variance". Histogram equalization can be done using histeq function and how to normalize it to zero mean and unit variance and whats the need to normalize like that?

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Mathematically just find the mean and subtract it, then take the variance and divide by that. But if you want a ready-made function then Star Strider's answer should cover that.

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Answer by Star Strider
on 17 Sep 2019
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If you have R2018a or later, use the normalize function. Another option is zscore.


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