How to turn off cmd+mouse wheel zoom in live editor Matlab

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As the title says; How can I turn off the feature that zooms in on the live editor when holding down the cmd button and using the mouse wheel on Mac. It is super annyoing and it happens multiple times that I by accident use the zoom function on my note book when working.

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Becky Galasso
Becky Galasso on 27 Jan 2022
Hi Pontus,
Starting in R2021b, it is now possible to disable zooming with the mouse wheel in the MATLAB Editor and Live Editor.
On the Home tab, in the Environment section, click Preferences. Select Editor/Debugger > Display, uncheck the “Enable zooming with Cmd+Scroll” option, and click Apply or OK. Holding the Command key while moving the mouse wheel should no longer zoom the MATLAB Editor or Live Editor.
You can also zoom in, zoom out, and return to the default zoom scale of the Editor in the Zoom section of the View tab. Please see the R2021b MATLAB Environment Release Notes for more information about zooming the Editor.

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Ian on 28 Oct 2019
Edited: Ian on 28 Oct 2019
There is also a bug on the Mac OS version (2019b) where the scroll momentum left over after scrolling will cause the live script document to zoom if cmd is pressed before the momentum has dissipated. To reproduce this issue:
  1. Scroll the document. Release your fingers from the trackpad.
  2. Before the scroll momentum has dissipated, depress and hold Command.
  3. The document zooms (expected behaviour: the document does not zoom).
Turning off cmd+mouse wheel scrolling in live scripts would be suitable workaround to this bug, at least for me, because I find the mouse zoom shortcut minimally useful.
Andy Fisher-Shin
Andy Fisher-Shin on 21 Nov 2021
It would be great to turn this off! It's incredibly annoying.

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Payas Bahade
Payas Bahade on 19 Sep 2019
Hi Pontus,
Currently, it is not possible to disable the zoom shortcuts in MATLAB Live Editor. I have informed the concerned teams and the necessary actions will ensue.
Brent F
Brent F on 19 Jun 2021
It's a stretch calling that a "workaround", in that it requires multiple Cmd-+ keypresses every hour or so when Matlab goes haywire while using the Apple Magic mouse.

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