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Please provide in depth details on PCA MATLAB function

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Hello Team,
I have a Cancer and Benign Dataset that does not cluster using the peak value feature extracted from the signals as shown in the figure below.
But after performing the PCA both the groups are seperating out well. Could you please please provide the reason behind this on how does PCA function in matlab actually calculates the values.
I have gone through the PCA function but not getting more insight on how the correlated data gets sepearted using PCA
Before PCA
After PCA

Accepted Answer

Neuropragmatist on 10 Sep 2019
How many features do you give the PCA when you give it the dataset? Just the XY values you plotted in the first graph? Or do you also give it some other measurements? Do you give it the group identity (i.e the blue/orange colours)?
Maybe you could also show us the code you used to get the above result.
Ashwini Amin
Ashwini Amin on 13 Sep 2019
Thank you Neuropragmatist for your response.
Basically i have statistical features extracted from Cancer and Normal data as shown in figure 1 which is of multiple dimension. I want to reduce the dimension using PCA. So i was calculating the PC scores of Cancer and Normal seperately and plotting it together to see if it clusters together or sepeartely. Basically wanted to see if both data are unique.
Can you please advise if i am doing PCA wrong.

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