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Standalone application cannot find ctf

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Henrik Enquist
Henrik Enquist am 3 Sep. 2019
Kommentiert: Michael am 2 Jan. 2024
I have successfully compiled a standalone application using the compiler GUI (Matlab 2019a).
I have also been able to install the application to the same machine.
When I try to start the application I get the following error message:
Cannot find the nonembedded CTF archive '{path to installed app\app}.ctf
Curiously, I have been compiling, installing, and running other applications successfully the same day on the same machine.
What am I missing here? I have searched MATLAB Answers/internet and found no solution.
Please advice.
After compiling the same application several times I finally got an executable which didn't encounter the problem stated above. It seems that the compiler is not stable. Is this a known issue?
After lengthy correspondence with MathWorks support, I finally "solved" this issue by placing all my MatLab files on a local drive. Compiling from a mapped network drive seems to be the culprit (though it has been working for many years, since version 2015b).
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Francisco Sacchetti
Francisco Sacchetti am 4 Okt. 2022
I am having same issue. Been compiling this appilcation for so many year. Moving matlab21a and found this issue. Same here!
Michael am 2 Jan. 2024
I am experiencing the same issue in R2022b on Windows 10 and the workaround still applies. By moving the files to a local drive I was able to run the compiled code.

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Antworten (2)

David Aronstein
David Aronstein am 23 Sep. 2019
I am having the same issue.

Shubham Kashyap
Shubham Kashyap am 10 Jun. 2020
Use the following mcc command that does not embed the deployable CTF archive in binary executable.
>> mcc -m test.m -C
The above command will create a test.exe and a separate test.ctf file. When distributing the application to another machine, please make sure that test.exe and test.ctf are in a same folder.
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Russell am 16 Jul. 2020
How does this work when using the GUI and not a command line "mcc" call?

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