How to apply the same function on different rows of a vector?

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Andrea Di Lelio
Andrea Di Lelio am 31 Aug. 2019
Kommentiert: waqas am 31 Aug. 2019
Hello everyone,
I'm trying to apply a simple function to different rows of a vector 521x1. I want to divide the row 521 for 100 and then do the same for the row 501, 481, 461...basically every 20 rows I need to apply this division. At the end I expect to obtain a vector 26x1.
Could someone help me?
Thank you

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waqas am 31 Aug. 2019
If I got the question right, this is how it should work:
andr = randn(521,1)
andrn = 1/100*andr(521:-20:1) % you can use 1/100.*(andr(521:-20:1,:)) in case there are more columns
The code will give the last value (on 521st row) first as you mentioned in the question.
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Andrea Di Lelio
Andrea Di Lelio am 31 Aug. 2019
It is perfect, thank you very much.
waqas am 31 Aug. 2019
Great. If it does the job then accept the answer :)

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