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How can I include a time delay in Simulink of the below equation?

Asked by Ayanda Lesetla on 19 Aug 2019
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on 28 Aug 2019
Hi All, i am designing a Decoupling controller for a 2x2 TITO of a flotation column, please can you assist me on ways i can insert the below equation in simulink.


What are the others D11, D13, D22 ? Do you only want to build a block for that?
D11=1 D21=0 D22=1
Yes currently I only want to build a block for D12

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1 Answer

Answer by Luna
on 24 Aug 2019
Edited by Luna
on 24 Aug 2019
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I think you should calculate the z-transform of the e^(-44s) part. It will become a discrete transport delay in simulink. That means you are adding 22 poles to z-domain plot.
Look at these equations:
z = e^(sT)
T = 1/F
Check out the books where it is written laplace to z-transform and you will understand how a complex number s is.
And your first part of the equation is a first order simple continuous transfer function.
Summary: Use a 1st order continuous transfer function and a transport delay blocks in simulink library.
It will look like somethin like this:


Hi Luna, I have attempted the above solution to my problem and I am getting satisfactory results on my closed loop system.
Thank you very much for your time and assistance.
Your welcome :)

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