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How to make script to function for sprintf command

Asked by Nopparat on 6 Sep 2012
I want to write this make this script to function
name = regexp(sprintf('test%.3d.tif*',0:10 ), '*', 'split');
I got the result "test000, test001, test002, ..., test010" so I worked Then I want to make it to function so I did
function filename(basename, digits, start_no)
name = regexp(sprintf('basename %.digits d.tif*', start_no:10-start_no-1), '*', 'split');
end but it didn't work so I use %s
function filename(basename, digits, start_no)
name = regexp(sprintf('%s %. %s d.tif*', start_no:10-start_no-1, basename, digits), '*', 'split');
It still didn't work so how can I fix it. Thank you in advance


Please learn to format your posts, and be more descriptive. What does "it doesn't work" mean? Did MATLAB crash? Did you get an error message (what did it say?)? Did the computer catch fire? Be specific!
It would be less error-prone to use '\*' in the pattern instead of '*'.

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1 Answer

Answer by Login_Name
on 6 Sep 2012
 Accepted Answer

There are several problems. For one, you don't specify any return argument for your function. Try this one:
function name = filename(basename, digits, start_no)
S = sprintf('%i',digits);
S = sprintf([basename, '%.',S,'d.tif*'], start_no:10-start_no-1);
name = regexp(S(1:end-1), '*', 'split');
Now at the command line:
filename('test', 7, 0)

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It works very well! Thank you very much.

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