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Figure color issue while using Matlab through VNC

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Rodolphe on 5 Sep 2012
We have Matlab installed (2009a and 2012a) on a Linux 64bit server. When i'm working directly on the server i have no problem. When i'm using VNC on my macbook (i tried with 5 different VNC softwares with the exact same result) to access to the server, some figures created with Matlab show different color and sometimes have transparency issues. Does anyone have an idea on how to solve this problem?

Accepted Answer

HSO on 5 Sep 2012
You need to configure your VNC Server to give the colours and geometry that you want. It will waste more band. here an link for configuration:

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Rodolphe on 5 Sep 2012
I specified the color depth when i create the server and it solved all my problems! Thanks a lot!

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